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Time to Write

Writing in my life has evolved over the last four months. Before the fall of 2020, writing was a source of anxiety for me. I would write something—an email, a Facebook post, a client document—then hit “send” with my eyes closed, hoping it made sense. One of my goals during covid was to invest in myself with classes. I decided to find writing courses.

Since the fall, I have taken two classes that have educated me, enlightened me, and given me confidence in my writing. I learned I didn’t have to be overwhelmed with all the rules I needed to know. There are books, apps, and exercises to help educate, support, and improve my writing.

What I have enjoyed most and learned from was free writing. When I first heard of it, I didn’t understand the “why” behind that exercise. As I did it week after week, I felt liberated. It empowered me. I do have something to say. Breaking down the writing process into phases, freewriting, proofing, and proofing again opened me to a new world.

As I grow on this writing journey, I have faced a new challenge—finding the time. I have seven blog subjects I want to research and write. I find writing is always last on my list. It keeps getting pushed to another day, which has created a new source of anxiety.

Although my writing has evolved, I will always be insecure with that voice in my head saying, “Someone can write it better than I can.”

Originally published on April 12th, 2021 -

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