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Penny's Favorite Cat Bed

On the desk to my right is Penny’s favorite cat bed. She sleeps there whether I am working or not. Penny’s bed is sandwiched between my computer and printer. Her bed is partially lying on top of the mouse pad, leaving me little room to use the mouse. The bed is incredibly soft and cushiony. The material on the outside of the bed is corduroy, with the inside soft and shaggy.

Directly on the shaggy part of the bed is a small K&H pet heater pad. The heater pad is positioned toward the wall side of the bed, per Penny’s request. The heater pad is five inches by five inches and the coils are covered in a thick plastic with the cord running out of the corner of the bed. On top of the heater pad is a felt blanket made for cats. One side of the blanket has a ladybug pattern with the colors blue, red, and green. The other side of the blanket is solid red. The sides of the felt blanket have small ties holding the blanket together.

Curled up in a semi-circle on top of the ladybug blanket is Penny. She is a three-year-old brown tick tabby. Penny has white paws that look as though French tipped. Her tick tabby coat has been described to look like a squirrel. Her tail is blacker than brown. Her ears and whiskers are in a relaxed position with her eyes closed. She is a warm, relaxed cat.

First published on Northwest Prime Time in their sharing stories section on February 15th, 2021.

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