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litter boxes

For more information, download these handouts below!

tips for Daily scooping

Here are a few tips we wanted to share with you to extend the life of your litter box substrate. For us, by scooping daily we are able to have happy cats and make the substrate last two weeks between dump and cleanings.

litter box dump & clean

Why completely dump and clean your litter boxes every 2 to 4 weeks? To keep the felines in your life happy. Cats are offended by odors. Scooping daily doesn't remove everything. There's always something left behind. Granules start to smell after mixing with urine and feces. Here's how we clean our boxes.

Light Speed Scooping

The adventures of scooping 10 litter boxes twice a day with 9 cats! Staring Ruthie, Nakia, and Harley - and POOP!

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