Jessica Dwyer Bartlett, earned her Certified Advanced Feline Training Professional credential from Animal Behavior Institute.  She has owned Whiskers At Home -- a cat-only pet sitting company in Washington state -- since 2009, and was co-winner of the National Business of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) in 2015.  In addition to serving cat owners professionally since 2009, Jessica is also a Cat Behavior volunteer at Homeward Pet Adoption Center, and has previously served as a Board Member for NAPPS.


With Jessica's years of experience in managing feline behavior professionally, personally and as a volunteer, she is a uniquely skilled cat behaviorist and consultant for anyone seeking help for behavior issues in cats.

Jessica Dwyer Bartlett, CAFTP

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CAT behavior
Coaching plan

Receive partner accountability and ongoing assistance.

With this plan, we work together every step of the way as we address your cat's behavior situation. As your coach, I’m encouraging you, listening--and with your ongoing feedback--planning your next steps. This is the ideal package for issues that take longer to resolve than a single session. This plan is ideal for:

  • Confidence building

  • Clicker games

  • Introducing new cats to the house

  • Counter-surfing

  • Inter-cat harmony

  • Inappropriate urination

  • Play aggression

  • Fears/Anxiety/Stress


  • In-Depth Behavioral questionnaire

  • Four (4) 60-minute sessions on Zoom - Individualized training plan with resources

  • Email support between sessions
      - Unlimited number of videos sent to CLA


Receive additional 30-day support at $75/mo
- 60-minute Session on Zoom
- 30-Days of email support 


cat behavior consulting meeting

Recommended for single issues and less complex cat issues.

I will listen closely to your issue(s) to identify areas of improvement and provide additional resource takeaways to aid you and your cat after our conversation. Good to start working on:

  • Litter boxes supplies and locations

  • Cat supply necessities in your home

  • Cat Enrichment

  • Scratching undesired items


  • 60-minute Zoom meeting

  • Written summary with resources within 48hrs

  • 7-day email support immediately following Zoom meeting

Upgrade to our Cat Behavior Action Plan within 15 days of meeting to receive 20% OFF the service!


"I know what I need to be happy. And I'll show you exactly that!"

- Trillian

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Jessica is the light at the end of cat trouble tunnel

"Jessica was so helpful to us when we adopted two male siblings. As we encountered behavioral issues, she was completely responsive, asking questions to assess the issues, and giving us solutions to try. She never overwhelmed me, but always gave me hope that we could resolve the issue. She gave advice explaining why we should or should not do specific things. She checked up on us to see how they were doing. Most of all, she never gave up and encouraged us not to give up on our boys. We have our into practice every bit of advice, and we are free of the issues that almost made us think of rejoining them. She is so patient, so knowledgeable and continues to show empathy and concern. I would highly recommend her."

- Elaine Argus

I'm so thankful to cat lovers academy!


"I can't say enough about Cat Lovers' Academy! We adopted our kitty, Wizard, in March of 2020 and soon after also adopted a pup who we were told was cat friendly. Turns out he is, but his inclination to chase Wizard was high. After many months of doing everything I knew to do to try and desensitize my pup and get Wizard to come downstairs, I determined he just didn't have the confidence to socialize...but I knew he wanted to. I finally contacted Cat Lovers' academy and worked with Jessica to better understand Wizard and his fears, his needs and how I can start to build his confidence. Soon after working with her, and 10 long months after adopting our pup, Wizard started making his way downstairs to socialize. I am over the moon with all the help I was given and Wizard is living such a robust and confident life. He's like a whole new, much happier cat. Even better, because he's confident enough to come down, our pup is now desensitized and everyone is living in harmony. I'm so thankful to Cat Lovers' Academy and to Jessica and would highly recommend!!"

- Jackie Atkin