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Jessica Dwyer Bartlett, CAFTP

Jessica Dwyer Bartlett is a UW-Certified Animal Behaviorist who earned her Certified Advanced Feline Training Professional credential from Animal Behavior Institute. She has owned Whiskers At Home -- a cat-only pet sitting company in Washington state -- since 2009. She was co-winner of the National Business of the Year Award from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) in 2015. In addition to serving cat owners professionally since 2009, Jessica is a Cat Behavior volunteer at Homeward Pet Adoption Center and has previously served as a Board Member for NAPPS.

With Jessica's years of experience managing feline behavior professionally, personally, and as a volunteer, she is a uniquely skilled cat consultant for anyone seeking help for cat behavior issues.

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2003 - 2021

Found by a neighbor, John watched him until his owners could be located. Turns out, John was his new owner! Always ready to purr & make biscuits, he was a Happy Cat.



2010 - 2023

Super soft little angel princess, she was a quiet gentle soul until the laser light came out.



2016 - 2023

There's a saying about being too smart for your own good. She was too smart for John's good.



2018 - Present

Beatrice loves the laser light, she could run up and down the hallway 50 times if we let her. She is a huge Daddy’s girl, they could spend hours together on the couch. Bea & Nakia were adopted from TinyKittens.



2020 - Present

Her favorite things in life are; her daddy, her bestie Penny, food, and play time. In that order! She was adopted from Homeward Pet Adoption Center.



2006 - 2021

Eddy, aka "The White Whale", was a professional napper, slow to move until a way outside presented itself.

Siamese kitty named Trillian


2014 - Present

Trillian was a foster fail (win) for John on his 42nd litter fostering with Purrfect Pals. She “popcorns” when something (anything) unexpected happens. Check out her Facebook Page “Trillian’s Guide to the Mewniverse."



2018 - Present

Penny is all about her wand toys and bunny kickers. She loves her play time. She's a mamma's girl. She was adopted from Homeward Pet Adoption Center.



2018 - Present

Nakia loves snacks, birdwatching, playing, and sitting on dad's chest making biscuits. Bea & Nakia were adopted from TinyKittens.

Meet the humans behind the cats


John and Jessica met in 2017 at a Jackson Galaxy fundraising lunch. In June 2020, they got married in a fun cat wedding in their garage - 4 of their 8 cats were in their wedding party. Click here if you want to watch the wedding - an amazing day filled with laughter, love and cats.

John, a.k.a. “Foster Dad John” has fostered 60 plus litters of kittens and momma cats on The Critter Room, airing 40 sets of fosters around the world 24×7. The Critter Room was originally created to help get his fosters adopted, but it has evolved to raise awareness of fostering and volunteering for local shelters. It also helps people relax and forget their troubles for a short time, as they watch kittens scampering around or just sleeping.
Jessica is the owner of Whiskers At Home LLC, Professional In-Home Cat Sitting. A company she founded in 2009.  Jessica earned her Certified Advanced Feline Training Professional (C.A.F.T.P.) from the Animal Behavior Institute in 2020, and uses this education regularly to help train her team of Cat Care Professionals, to advise clients, and provide outstanding service to the felines under her care.

Together, John and Jessica are the proud cat parents of 6 cats.   They can’t wait to connect with you and share with you in a fun relatable way.


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