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Scooping - Manual vs Machine

When it comes to litterboxes, many components determine what works best for the cat in your life. One of those components is how to keep the box cleaned daily. Two options: manually scooping the litter or purchasing an automatic litter machine that scoops for you. Both ways remove the cat’s daily output.

When manually scooping, do each box at least daily. But it’s recommended twice a day. By manually scooping you can monitor feline health. Increased urine or soft stool can indicate health concerns that should be diagnosed and addressed early. Scooping removes the waste from the litter and box area. By doing so the cat can no longer smells the urine and feces.

The second option is to purchase an automatic litter machine. This does the daily work for you, scooping, spinning, or racking the cat wastes into a holding area inside the machine. A human needs to change and clean the holding area every few days or weeks, depending on the make. Machines mean being unable to track the cat’s daily waste. Also, since the waste is kept in the machine, cats can still smell it which can deter them from urinating or defecating there. If the machine gets stuck midcycle, it can become inaccessible, leaving the cat with no place to go potty.

Both kinds of litterboxes require human time and management.

Do you have experiences with automatic litter machines? Share below.

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