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Welcome to
Cat Lovers' Academy!

At Cat Lovers’ Academy we provide both free and paid educational resources, training, behavioral consulting and discussion opportunities to cat parents--with the larger goal of emphasizing cats' instinctual needs so that humans and cats can live together with greater joy and harmony.

Has your cat ever exhibited one or more of these problematic behaviors, but you aren't sure how to stop it?

😼 Counter surfing

🙀 Decorating with their claws

😾 Play aggression

😾 Persistent boredom

😺 Inter-cat conflict

😺 Jealousy / Territorial

😾 Inappropriate urination

😿 Fear / Anxiety / Stress

Do you feel like you've tried everything, yet nothing works?
• Are you about to
change your cat’s environment by adding a new cat, baby, or roommate to your household?

We get what you're going through, and we're here to help.

The Purr-fessional and the Purr-fessors are experts in feline behavior and are ready to work with you and your kitties.

If you feel like you're tried everything and failed (psst, you haven't yet!)  make sure to take advantage of our extensive free resources, and meet Jessica, our Feline Behavior Consultant.

"I can teach you, but first... cuddles!"

- Bea


cat clicker games Download your free guide to getting started 

"Mew should join my class!" - Ruthie

Download this FREE GUIDE to learn the benefits, plus all you need to know to get started in the world of cat clicker games!


A Note from The Purr-fessional


Ruthie and Jessica

Jessica’s passion is to use positive reinforcement to channel a cat’s natural behaviors. These techniques can be used to convert cat behaviors that may be bothersome to us humans—into new behaviors that are agreeable to both cat and human. So what does that look like, exactly?

Your cat’s brain is a muscle. Like every other muscle in their body, the cat’s brain needs to be regularly exercised for their mental health and happiness.

Cat clicker games are a passion of Jessica’s and became a highly useful tool when she adopted a rambunctious kitten named Ruthie.  Ruthie came into Jessica’s life and was immediately a handful.  Ruthie used to constantly be underfoot in the kitchen, often trying to get into the refrigerator.   Once Jessica and Ruthie learned cat clicker games, they created a bargaining system.  The kitchen was no longer a problem spot, as they had learned the concept of “PLACES.” Ruthie knew if she sat in her “place,” she would get paid a treat.  It became a fun game for Ruthie to see how many treats she could get from Mom by always going to her place when she was in the kitchen.  It was a win-win.  Mom Jessica could use the kitchen ‘Ruthie free,’ and Ruthie thinks she manipulated her mom into treats. They were experiencing firsthand how life-changing exercising Ruthie’s brain was using positive reinforcement. They are excited to share it with others to modify an array of in-home feline behavior issues cat owners often face.

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