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Meet Purr-fessor Ruthie

Clicker Games

 I will tell you once and only once!  My mind MUST always be kept busy!  If not, I may find ways to keep myself busy that you might not like!  So, I will be showing you, and you must follow, how to create the purrfect home so that myself and my feline underlings are happy.

Course Materials

In order to get started, make sure to download these handouts below!

What is Clicker Games?

Learn why this is your cat's natural way of learning.

Touch Training Video

Our Teaching Assistant Harley is walking us through the steps for learning TOUCH in Cat Clicker Games.

Candidate Ruthie



My name is Ruthie and I am running for Feline President of the Cat Lovers’ Academy. I believe all cats deserve the right to follow their passion. Please vote for me as we are in an 8-way feline race for Presidency.


How to VOTE for me:
Like/Love my picture on Cat Lovers’ Academy Facebook page


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