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Meet the Feline Presidential Candidates

November 2nd, 2020 - November 9th, 2020 we held the Feline Presidential Campaign at Cat Lovers' Academy.

Voting was held via Facebook. Each candidate represented an animal shelter. People were able vote for their favorite Feline by going to Facebook, viewing the candidate's picture. 1 like/love = 1 vote. Or by donating to the candidates shelter, $1 donated equaled 1 like/love. The Feline with the most total combined Likes/Loves and donations will be named Feline President.

The winner is.... President Trillian

The Vice President is Dorian with Nakia for Ambassador. In total the candidates raised a total of $3,371 for 8 shelters.

The Total donations for each shelters:

Purrfect Pals $1,232.

Meow Rescue $1,176

TinyKittens $228

LA Kitten Rescue $225

Sevier County Humane Society $195

Motley Zoo $120

Homeward Pet Adoption Center $105

Noah Rescue $90

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