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Litter box dump and clean

We wanted to share with you our process of cleaning our litter boxes. Why completely dump and clean your litter boxes every 2 to 4 weeks? To keep the felines in your life happy. Cats are offended by odors. Scooping daily doesn't remove everything. There's always something left behind. Granules start to smell after mixing with urine and feces.

One of the critical factors in making sure our home has clean, cat-friendly litter boxes is they get a scrub every 12 to 14 days. After cleaning the boxes with mild soap and scrub them down, we fill the boxes up with fresh litter. During those two weeks between cleanings, we scoop twice daily. I do not add fresh litter during those two weeks. We allow the litter to get low, then dump, scrub and add new litter.

Here's how we clean our boxes. Staring Eddy, supporting role played by Harley.

Litter boxes in this video can be found -

Litter substrate - Swheat Scoop Premium+ Cleaned with mild soap and hand brush

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