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Introducing the Purr-fessors

On this episode we introduce the Purr-fessors and their Human assistants.

Why Cat Lovers' Academy?

John and Jess have blended their brady bunch cat family, now they want to blend their cat communities. The mission of Cat Lovers’ Academy is to provide educational, training and discussion opportunities to cat parents that are optimized for cats' natural needs.

Meet the Purr-fessors

Introducing your Purr-fessors who will guide you through the lifelong journey of loving, caring and learning all things cats! Each Purr-fessor has a subject they are excited to share with you.

Meet John and Jess

John and Jess share a bit about themselves and talk about how they first meet. They share about their 50s style wedding in June of 2020 in their garage as well as having their cats be apart of the big day.

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