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Purr-fessor Resources

Introducing your Purr-fessors who will guide you through the lifelong journey of loving, caring and learning all things cats!

Tap on their lessons to learn more.



Health at All Ages

Life is great! Groovy~ I love you all and SO glad you are here. I cannot wait to share with you my area of expertise, getting regular vet checkups. Nose licks to you all!  Be chill, man…



Why a Routine

Listen, I am here to tell you that you MUST do what your cat says. There are a systems and routines that must be followed.  So, listen up! I am going to show you how it’s done, and you better listen and observe me (and your cat!)



Cat Environments

Hello. If you don’t mind, I want to share with you how important sleeping spots are to me and my fellow feline friends. There is so much to share. I hope you will join me!

Siamese kitty named Trillian



Oh my gosh!  Litters!  They MUST be purrfect!  My princess paws must be clean AT ALL times! If litter boxes are blocked or dirty, I'm unhappy.  I cannot wait to share with you all the dos and don’ts of litters.  Come join me!



Clicker Games

I will tell you once and only once!  My mind MUST always be kept busy!  If not, I may find ways to keep myself busy that you might not like!  So, I will be showing you, and you must follow, how to create the purrfect home so that myself and my feline underlings are happy.



Why Play

Oh, it is such a beautiful day, I love you, I love pom pom balls, I love wands, I love my siblings, and I love mooore wand toys. I cannot WAIT to show you how much I love to play; it is the best!  And your felines will think the same!



Why Cuddle

I will share a little secret with you, I love my Daddy and he loves me. He’s the best daddy in the world - he cuddles with me and does everything I ask of him. It’s so important to have a human wrapped around your paw, I will share with you why, and also what happens if felines don’t get their love.



Multi-Cat Homes

Just like my namesake from the Black Panther Movie, I am strong and state my opinion.  I also like to be high up so I can see my territory.  I’m going to give you step-by-step instructions on the best cat trees and best places for us felines to workout our muscles and claws so we continue to be big and strong!



Challenge the Mind

So far my favorite things in life are; my daddy, my bestie Penny, food, and play time.  In that order!  I keep the Purr-fessors running (literally!).  I assist with all their needs. 

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