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Meet Purr-fessor Penny

Why Playing is Important

Oh, it is such a beautiful day, I love you, I love pom pom balls, I love wands, I love my siblings, and I love mooore wand toys. I cannot WAIT to show you how much I love to play; it is the best!  And your felines will think the same!

Creating a Hunting Environment

Join Purr-fessor Penny in her classroom to learn what is needed to create a purrfect hunting environment for your cats.

Candidate Penny



My name is Penny and I am running for Feline President of the Cat Lovers’ Academy.  I’m running to bring Peace, Love, Unity, Kindness to all. Please vote for me as we are in an 8-way feline race for Presidency.


How to VOTE for me:
Like/Love my picture on Cat Lovers’ Academy Facebook page


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