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Our Mission

The mission of Cat Lovers’ Academy is to provide both free and paid educational resources, training and discussion opportunities to cat parents--with the larger goal of emphasizing cats' instinctual needs so that humans and cats can live together with greater joy and harmony.

Meet the humans behind the cats

John and Jessica met in 2017 at a Jackson Galaxy fundraising lunch. In June 2020, they got married in a fun cat wedding in their garage - 4 of their 8 cats were in their wedding party. Click here if you want to watch the wedding - an amazing day filled with laughter, love and cats.

John, a.k.a. “Foster Dad John” has fostered 60 plus litters of kittens and momma cats on The Critter Room, airing 40 sets of fosters around the world 24×7. The Critter Room was originally created to help get his fosters adopted, but it has evolved to raise awareness of fostering and volunteering for local shelters. It also helps people relax and forget their troubles for a short time, as they watch kittens scampering around or just sleeping.
Jessica is the owner of Whiskers At Home LLC, Professional In-Home Cat Sitting. A company she founded in 2009.  Jessica earned her Certified Advanced Feline Training Professional (C.A.F.T.P.) from the Animal Behavior Institute in 2020, and uses this education regularly to help train her team of Cat Care Professionals, to advise clients, and provide outstanding service to the felines under her care.

Together, John and Jessica are the proud cat parents of their 8 Purr-fessors and 1 Teaching Assistant of the Cat Lovers Academy.   They can’t wait to connect with you and share with you in a fun relatable way.


Check out the Podcast Covered In Pet Hair to learn more about John, Jess and what it's like to manage a cat house of 9.

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