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Meet Purr-fessor Libby

Cat Introductions

Hello. If you don’t mind, I want to guide you through the importance of a slow and controlled cat introduction. I hope you will join me!

Course Materials

For more information, download these handouts below!

Cat Intro-No Barrier Session 

In this video, Mint is against the mirror, working with his dad doing clicker training. They are focusing on TOUCH and PLACES. On the right, in the background, Udon is working with her mom, being rewarded with treats for staying calm, focusing on her mom, and practicing SIT. Udon and Mint got to this point after months of training and preparation. This is phase 4 of Cat Lovers' Academy's cat introduction process.

Candidate libby



My name is Libby and I am running for Feline President of the Cat Lovers’ Academy. I believe in bringing Feline Education to all. Please vote for me as we are in an 8-way feline race for Presidency.


How to VOTE for me:
Like/Love my picture on Cat Lovers’ Academy Facebook page


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